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Sensoray model 819 is a multifunctional video codec capable of simultaneous capture from 16 video inputs. The 819 can provide multiple output streams for each input video channel: two H.264 streams at independently set resolutions, frame rates, bitrates; and an uncompressed (preview) stream. Each channel allows an individually configured multi-window character and graphics overlay and provides real-time motion data.

Individual scalers and deinterlacers facilitate optimal resolutions for each captured stream. For example, a high-resolution, high bitrate stream may be selected for archiving, while a lower resolution, low bitrate stream is preferable for simultaneous streaming to handheld devices, smart phones.



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16-Channel H.264 Encoder with 16x4 Crosspoint Switch

Model: 819 Please see below

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16-Channel H.264 Encoder with 16x4 Crosspoint Switch

Camera Connection Box


Camera Connection Box, 2U Rack Mount, GPIO, 16 in/8 out


Camera Connection Box, Breakout to 16 BNC, Panel Mount


Camera Connection Box, Breakout to 16 BNC, CD-ROM Form Factor


Camera Connection Box, Breakout to 32 BNC, 2U 19 inch Rackmount

Distribution Amplifier


16-channel Distribution Amplifier w/o Enclosure


16-channel Distribution Amplifier with Enclosure



Cable, DB37 to IDC34 .100 inch