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The VSCOM SER-CAN is an adapter from serial port to CAN. It connects a PC via any serial port to the CAN Bus. Many computers still have a serial port, the installation is simple.

CAN Bus is widely used in industrial applications as well as in automotive monitoring and control. The SER-CAN can be used to monitor the data traffic in such installations, as well as sending control information.

Hardware flow control is used to increase the data reliability. Even on RS232 the SER-CAN can handle High Speed CAN transfers.

The ASCII conversion protocol is useful in developing and testing any configuration. Users just open the serial port via a Terminal Program, and have a simple way to talk to the CAN controller. The same way they can also transmit and receive CAN frames.

Applications programmed by users load the library (DLL), which transparently handles the ASCII conversion. Programmers handle only the CAN frames and status, they do not have to care about the ASCII conversion in their applications.



 1 port Serial to CAN Bus Adapter

Model: SER-CAN