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The VSCOM NET-CAN 110 provides CAN-BUS communication over Ethernet. It provides completely secured communication for both data transfer and configuration to the attached CAN devices. CAN BUS is widely used in industrial applications as well as in automotive monitoring and control. The VSCOM NET-CAN can be used to monitor the data traffic as well as sending control information. NET-CAN supports two operating modes: Driver Mode and TCP Raw Server. The Driver Mode basically requires the installation of virtual com-port driver, which makes the network fully transparent for the application. The TCP Raw Server Mode doesn`t require the virtual com-port driver installation, so the communication will be handled directly via IP address and port number. NET-CAN provides different software tools to interface the user application. The ASCII conversion protocol is useful in developing and testing any CAN-BUS configuration. Users just open the serial port via Terminal Program or connect directly via Telnet, and have simple way to talk to the CAN controller. It can be also used to manually transmit and receive CAN frames. Applications programmed by users should use the VScan API library (DLL), which transparently handles the ASCII conversion for the CAN frames. Programmers have to handle only the CAN frames status information, they do not have to care more about the ASCII conversion in their applications. The NET-CAN also supports CANFestival, an Open Source CANopen Framework. CANopen is a CAN-based higher layer protocol that is used in various application fields, such as medical equipment, offroad vehicles, maritime electronics, railway applications or building automation. CANopen unburdens the developer from dealing with CAN-specific details such as bit-timing and implementation-specific functions. It provides standardized communication objects for real-time data, configuration data as well as network management data. CANHacker, a tool for analyzing and transmitting frames on the CAN BUS, is included in the product package.



 1 port TCP/IP to CAN Bus Adapter

Model: NET-CAN 110