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The VSCOM PCIex-200Ei-SI PCIe card is designed for RS232, RS422/485 industrial communication. It supports 2 independent RS232, RS422 or RS485 ports. Each port can be configured separate. In RS485 modes applications enable transmission by simply sending data. This is done by ART (Automatic Receive Transmit control) intelligence. The Transmitter is disabled exactly with the end of the last character sent. No modification is necessary in programs. In addition, hardware flow control and built-in termination resistors guarantee data integrity. Optical isolation and surge protection are also available for RS232 Signals to deliver high reliability. All of these features make VSCOM 200Ei - SI PCIex suitable for harsh industrial applications.



2 RS232, RS422/485 ports PCI Express Card with optical isolation & surge protection

Model: PCIex-200Ei-SI