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Sensoray Model 2255 captures uncompressed frames from four NTSC or PAL video sources and sends them over USB 2.0 to a host computer. Frames are captured simultaneously from all channels. The maximum aggregate rate in full resolution color mode is 60/50 fps (NTSC/PAL), yielding a per-channel NTSC capture frame rate of 30 fps for 2 channels, or 15 fps for four channels. In monochrome and/or scaled down modes all four channels can capture at full frame rate.

Model 2257 is functionally identical to the 2255 except for input types: Model 2255 has four composite video inputs, while Model 2257 has two S-Video and two composite inputs. Both units support a variety of output resolutions and formats, eliminating the need for the application program to perform format and resolution conversions. The units are capable of capturing frames in any of these formats:

The units support Y8 and YCrCb planar natively, while conversions to RGB and YCrCb packed formats are optionally performed by Sensoray drivers. Please refer to the 2255 software documentation for details.

Each unit has a serial number that can be read through the API, thus enabling the application software to easily identify specific units in multi-unit systems.



System requirements: USB 2.0 high-speed port, PIII 700 MHz CPU or equivalent. A high performance CPU is recommended for applications in which heavy image processing is performed.

Activation of deinterlacing is optional; when active, it reduces the maximum capture rate by a few percent.

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4-Channel Frame Grabber

Model: 2255/2257 Please see below

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