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Sensoray model 2253P is a USB device that combines the functions of a model 2253 A/V codec, GPS receiver, and two multifunction ports in a compact and robust metal enclosure. All operating power is supplied by a single USB port.

Each multifunction port can operate as an incremental quadrature encoder interface or as dual general purpose digital inputs (GPIO). Encoder counts, GPS data, and GPIO states can be monitored over USB. Real-time encoder counts and GPS data can be overlaid onto any video stream and GPIOs can pause and start streams, all without host intervention.

Multiple, independent video processors allow the unit to simultaneously produce two different video streams from its single composite input and send the streams out over USB. One of the streams can be a low-latency uncompressed stream (useful for real time previewing) and the other compressed, or both streams may be compressed. Image transformations (resolution, rotation, mirroring) are independently configurable for each stream, as well as compression type and bit rate in the case of compressed streams.

Up to 1024 bytes of application-supplied data can be inserted in the H.264 or MPEG stream at regular frame intervals or single shot. Closed captions are supported for H.264 streams.



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A/V MPEG-4,MJPEG,H.264 Codec with GPS and Incremental Encoder Interfaces

Model: 2253P Please see below

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Audio/Video MPEG-4,MJPEG,H.264 Codec Board with GPS and Incremental Encoder Interfaces


GPS Antenna, 5-meter (optional with 2253P)