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Sensoray model 4012 is a compact digital video recorder (DVR) that is optimized for embedding in OEM systems. It records audio and video (A/V) to USB storage media and can capture JPEG images on-the-fly without interrupting recording.

Two incremental encoder interfaces allow position information to be overlaid directly onto the video. The A/V outputs allow live video, recorded A/V or JPEG snapshots to be displayed on an external monitor. Date and time are maintained by a real-time clock with battery backup. To implement a complete embedded DVR simply connect power, your own custom keypad and a USB storage device. If incremental encoders are not required, see Model 4011.



Part Numbers:

Embeddable DVR with Incremental Encoder Interface

Model: 4012

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Embeddable DVR with Incremental Encoder Interface, Built-in Microphone


Embeddable DVR with Incremental Encoder Interface, Stereo Line In