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This new eSATAp CFast Memory Adapter is the ideal solution for connecting any CFast media to eSATA or the new eSATA USB Hybrid Port. By using the optional Addonics eSATA - USB adapter, the CFast media can also be accessed via the ubiquitous USB port found on many systems.

CFast is the latest Compact Flash media standard with native SATA interface to achieve much higher data throughput than current CF standard. The current generation of CFast media that we have tested show a data throughput of around 100 MB/sec. To learn more about the CFast standard, please review the following web page

The eSATA USB Hybrid port (EUHP) is a new port commonly found on new generations of Notebook computers. This new port works with both standard eSATA and Hybrid eSATA power cable (eSATAp). When connecting this CFast adapter to EUHP with an eSATAp cable, the CFast adapter can get power and data connections at the same time via a single cable. To learn more about this eSATA USB Hybrid port, please visit the following EUHP tutorial page.

Connection Diagrams:



Ordering Information:

ADESPCFT - eSATAp CFast Memory Adapter

Package content: eSATAp CFast Memory Adapter, 1 foot eSATAp cable, 3 foot USB-A to mini USB power cable

AAESATAP30C - Hybrid eSATA power cable (eSATAp), 30cm

Package content: 1 foot eSATAp cable

eSATAp CFast Memory Adapter


Connect to computer via eSATA and Hybrid eSATA power cable

Connect to computer via eSATA

Connect to computer via USB 2.0 (Requires optional USB 2.0 to eSATA Adapter)