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Integrated 3-in-1 device: Remote DIO, Serial port and Ethernet Switch. Saves time, space and money.

Less wiring, removes points of failure for a more efficient reliable system.

4 digital input or output channels, software selectable RS232/422/485 Serial port and 2 port Ethernet switch suitable for daisy chaining.

Simple to connect to systems of all ages, up and running in minutes. Get connected with our user friendly software, create your own GUI with provided APIs or view instantly via your web browser without the need to install.

Maximize and monitor overall operating efficiency, preserve your capital with a low cost investment in machine management.

Typical applications include monitoring and control of DNC machines, AC and DC motors, Fans, relay drivers, pumps, Voltage Regulators and Battery Chargers, Lighting systems, Air Conditioning, Heaters and Solenoids..


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Ethernet to 4 Digital IO & RS232/422/485 Serial Port & Switch (BrainBoxes)

Model: ED-504

Contact UsED-504 Ethernet to 4 Digital IO & RS232/422/485 Serial Port & Switch (BrainBoxes)