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The FarSync X25 T2Ue PMC adapter provides 2 high performance X.25 communications lines for Linux and Windows systems, on servers using the PMC bus.

The FarSync X25 T2U-PMC adapters offer a high quality X.25 PCI Mezzanine adapter solution for business, government and military applications. They have been developed to provide high performance, versatile X.25 connectivity for Linux and Windows systems using industrial quality components providing wide temperature range operation.

The PMC adapters will support 2 X.25 ports at speeds of over 2 Mbits/s. Two versions of the adapter are available – the FarSync X25 T2U-PMC-R supporting rear I/O and the FarSync X25 T2U-PMC-F supporting both rear and front I/O. Both the front and rear I/O connectors can support RS232, X.21, RS530, RS422, RS449 and V.35 network interfaces.


The adapters comprise an AMD processor with SRAM. The whole memory space may be mapped via the PMC interface to the PC/Server. The adapter contains a dual embedded HDLC / transparent controller with SDMA access (128 buffers per port) and a full range of timers.

The multi function line drivers available on all the ports support X.21 (V.11), V.35, RS232 (V.24, X.21bis), RS530 (EIA530, RS422) and RS449 network interfaces, all soft configurable and ESD protected from static charges.

X.25  line speeds can be 2.048 Mbits/s or more

Terminal Timing is supported on the network interfaces to enable system-wide clock synchronisation.

As well as external clocking the adapter support card generated clocks at a wide range of standard frequencies from 9,600 baud to 8.192 Mbits/s and dual clocks can be generated in V.11 mode if required. The clocking speed of all ports is individually selectable.

The drivers supplied with Windows and Linux allow large numbers of ports to be supported by the installation of multiple FarSync cards in a Server. Typically 12 or more cards (24+ ports) can be supported; the card limit is only dependent on the resources available in the host Server and the total bandwidth of the PCIe/PCI/PMC bus.

The FarSync T2U-PMC (PCI Mezzanine card) cards are suitable for systems with a PMC connector, covering single processor and multi-processor systems. The adapter is 33/66Mhz PCI bus revision 2.2 compliant with support for both 3.3 and 5 volt signalling, the power for the adapter is taken from the 3.3 volt supply rail.

Cables can be supplied to connect to the Front I/O connector (FarSync X25 T2U-PMC-F) to support RS232, X.21, RS422, RS530, RS449 and V.35 connections, see the order information for details on the last page. Cables are not supplied for the Rear I/O only version (FarSync X25 T2U-PMC-R), full connection details on the IEEE 1386 connector for operation with RS232, X.21, RS422, RS530, RS449 and V.35 are supplied.

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 FarSync X25 T2U-PMC - Intelligent X.25 2 port PMC adapters

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