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Sensoray model 2246 is a USB 2.0 A/V (audio and video) MPEG-1/2/4 (MPEG ISO 14496-2) processor that supports multiple video input formats, including SDI 1080i, 720p, and both SDI and analog NTSC/PAL SD. It compresses video and stereo audio to MPEG-1 system stream, MPEG-2 program stream, or MPEG-4 (AVI), and sends the resulting stream onto USB. At the same time, it can capture uncompressed full-frame snapshots and send them over USB, while it simultaneously generates live or freeze frame video on its four video outputs.

At any time, one HD or SD video source (HD-SDI/SD-SDI, S-Video, or composite) and one audio source is selected for processing. The selected video is copied to three independent overlay generators, which in turn produce three new uncompressed, overlaid video streams. These three video streams are then processed in parallel by the compression engine (along with audio), video output generators, and frame capture subsystems.

Audio may be source from embedded SDI audio, external audio line in, or external microphone signals. Audio can be output to embedded SDI, line out, MPEG stream, or any combination of these.

The compression engine simultaneously compresses SD video and stereo or mono audio. When an HD video source is selected, the overlaid video is downscaled to SD before encoding.

All four video outputs (HD-SDI/SD-SDI, DVI, SVIDEO, and composite) function simultaneously regardless of the video source format. In the case of HD sources, the video is downscaled for compatibility with composite and S-Video outputs. SD sources are upscaled as appropriate for the DVI output. The DVI output, which may be formatted for 1080i, 1024x1280p, or NTSC/PAL resolution, incorporates frame rate conversion to ensure synchronization to standard displays.

A frame buffer is provided to capture uncompressed snapshots of individual frames. Captured frames can be sent over USB concurrently with the video stream, and may also be sent to the video outputs as freeze frame video.

The 2226 sports a zoom feature on the MPEG and DVI output streams. Video can be stretched up to 2.5x horizontally and 5x vertically, with origin moved to any arbitrary position. Video zoom is performed by the scaler blocks.

The unit is available in a robust enclosure (model 2246S) or as a stand-alone board (model 2246) for OEM applications. An optional termination board adapter, Model 2246TA, can be used to conveniently break out connections from Model 2246.



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HD-SDI Video Processor/Capture Card


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