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New Products

(10 July 2014)


Install 4x M.2 NGFF SATA SSD in 3.5” Form Factor

Best Solution that Install Fast speed 4x M.2 NGFF 6Gbps SATA based SSD to a 3.5 inch SATA Form Factor!

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BeagleBone Black Expansion I/O Cape

The USB-2COM-BB is a plug-in RS-232 cape designed for the developers and users of BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black

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USB 3.0 6 External + 1 Internal Low Profile PCIe Host Adapter

External 6 Ports and Internal 1 Port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed 5Gbps in Low Profile PCIe Host Adapter to support all kind of USB 3.0, USB 2.0, USB 1.1 Devices!

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USB 10-Port Data Acquisition Module

USB-DA10 is 10-port data acquisition module for USB port, allows easy way to link USB ports for measuring voltage, controlling and monitoring, temperature data

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Full Speed USB Isolator

This is a rugged, industrial-grade full/low speed USB isolator that provides high-voltage 3 kV isolation to protect host computer and USB equipment connected

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eSATA II – 3Gbps 2 Ports ExpressCard/34 Host Adapter

Add 2Ports eSATA II 3Gbps with NCQ, Port Multiplier support for ExpressCard/34 or ExpressCard/54 Notebook!

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eSATA II – 3Gbps & USB2.0 Combo ExpressCard/34 Host Adapter

Add 1Port eSATA II 3Gbps with NCQ, Port Multiplier support and 1Port USB2.0 on ExpressCard/34 or ExpressCard/54 Notebook!

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RS-232/485 to 4-Port RS-485 Hub, Splitter and Repeater Isolated, Hub/Splitter/Repeater

The USB-4485-SI-M is an industrial-grade 4-port RS-485 hub, splitter and repeater, with optical isolation

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USB to 10/100 Ethernet Interface

Provides access to any Ethernet or Fast Ethernet network through your computer USB port

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Mini PCIe 6Gbps SATA III AHCI 2Ports Host Adapter

2Ports 6Gbps AHCI SATA III mini PCI Express 2.0 Host Adapter!

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Mini PCIe 6Gbps SATA III AHCI 2Ports Host Adapter (Right Angle)

2Ports 6Gbps AHCI SATA III mini PCI Express 2.0 Host Adapter!

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52Pin mPCIe to A-type USB 2.0 Converter

Utilize IPC Main Board mPCIe socket to connect USB 2.0 Storage Device, Wireless Adapter, I/O and wild range USB Products

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H/W RAID 2x mSATA SSD to 2.5” 7mm SATA III SSD

Easily Latch and Retain Fast Speed 2x mSATA SSD to standard 7mm 2.5 inch SATA III SSD with H/W RAID functionally!

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1x SATA Host to 2x Drives 6Gbps H/W RAID Adapter

100% OS-Transparent Adapter Easy Upgrade your computer to support Hardware RAID 1, Big Drive or 2Drives to two SATA drives for data safety or high capacity!

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External 8Ports 6G SATA/SAS SFF-8088 Low Profile PCIe 2.0 8 lane Host Adapter

Eight external SAS/SATA ports with two SFF-8088 mini-SAS connectors in Low Profile PCI Express 2.0 x8 host adapter

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Raspberry Pi GPIO TX / RX to DB9M RS232 Serial Board

Add a 9Pin DB9M serial port S232 to your Raspberry Pi!

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50mm mSATA SSD to microSATA Adapter

The SLSA7005 mSATA SSD to microSATA Adapter allows you replace mSATA SSD to microSATA connector.

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USB to TTL Level Serial Converter Board

The USB-TTL adds a high speed TTL level (3.3 or 5 Volt) serial interface vis USB connection

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4-Port Half-Duplex RS-485 USB-to-Serial Adapter with Power Output, Error Detection

USB-4485-M is an industrial-grade USB to 4-Port RS-485 Adapter  to add four high speed Half-Duplex RS-485 communication ports to your Server or PC

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