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SmartStorm Web Enabled Irrigation Controller™ is a robust, 10-zone irrigation controller with a built-in web server. It can be controlled over any IP network, including the Internet* and private networks.

The SmartStorm excels in its web interface. It can be accessed from any location on a standard web browser using a computer or smart phone which allows for a much larger screen than a typical sprinkler controller's small built-in display. The web interface makes creating watering schedules, sensor monitoring, and manually controlling sprinkling systems an extremely user-friendly and intuitive experience, while eliminating the need to reference a users manual each time the watering season begins.

*Note that accessing SmartStorm remotely over the Internet requires the installer to setup your router to forward incoming requests to SmartStorm.


Remotely accessing and controlling the SmartStorm through its web interface is incredibly efficient for maintenance and repairs, allowing you to isolate broken equipment (sprinkler heads, pipes, valves, etc.) while in the field, without needing a second technician at the controller, or without needing to go back and forth between the controller and the broken equipment ... Simply turn sprinkler valves on and off using your smartphone or tablet!

Accessing the web interface allows for instant adjustments to a watering program for weather-related issues, or to treat dry or over-watered sections.

Technicians or other personnel who do not have direct access to the SmartStorm's web interface can also manually operate the sprinkling system using a single pushbutton on the SmartStorm to cycle through each station.

Water Conservation

Because water conservation is so important, we've also added the ability to control your irrigation programming based on rainfall and temperature by connecting appropriate sensors.

You can also choose to increase or decrease the overall watering times automatically based on the current month. This helps conserve water during the cooler months when less water is needed.

These features will help in conserving water, decreasing your water bill, and complying with local watering restrictions.

units. For example, an input value of 0 to 100% can be scaled and processed for an output range of 4-20mA to control a damper motor.



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WebRelay Part Numbers

Smart Storm - Web Enabled Irrigation Controller

Model: X-340-A Please see below

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Zones: 10

Digital: 2 (0-5VDC))

Temp: 1 (-67°F to 257°F (-55°C to +125°C))

24VAC ±10%, 60Hz (12 VA Wall Transformer included - For installations with one active 7VA solenoid valve.)


Zones: 10

Digital: 2 (0-5VDC))

Temp: 1 (-67°F to 257°F (-55°C to +125°C))

24VAC ±10%, 60Hz (40 VA Wall Transformer included - For installations with up to two active 7VA solenoid valves.)


Zones: 10

Digital: 2 (0-5VDC))

Temp: 1 (-67°F to 257°F (-55°C to +125°C))

24VAC ±10%, 60Hz (Without transformer - For international customers.)