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The X-320™ is a high-end web-based instrumentation module that can be used in a variety of scientific and industrial applications such as energy/power monitoring, meteorology, process control, and much more.

It has a combination of analog and digital inputs that can be used with the appropriate sensors* for measuring voltage, current, temperature, humidity, wind speed, solar radiation, fluid level, flow, frequency, count, etc. Two digital inputs can be user-configured as outputs capable of driving solid state relays or triggering the input of another controller.

Like all of the ControlByWeb products, the X-320 has a built-in web server and all of the data it measures can be viewed using a web browser (or custom computer application). Setup is simple; There is no app to download, no subscription to buy, no software required, and no programming required for setup or use. Even with its simplicity, the X-320 has many advanced features including the ability to create BASIC scripts, SNMP, peer-to-peer communications, email alerts, and full calendar scheduling.

The X-320 is designed for accuracy and reliability, and is an innovative solution for a number of applications.

Note: Sensors can be purchased from a variety of sources. X-320 does not include sensors.






For more information including software screen shots, application data etc. see - Full Product information at web page

Web-Enabled Instrumentation-Grade Data Acquisition

Model: X-320-I

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Input Frequency

Min Vin

Read Error

1 - 2 Hz

90 mV

±0.5 Hz

2 - 200 Hz

60 mV

±0.1 Hz

200 - 1000 Hz

60 mV

±1 Hz

1 - 10 kHz

60 mV

±1.5 Hz

10 - 50 kHz

60 mV

+1/-2 Hz

50 - 100 kHz

60 mV

+1/-6 Hz

100 - 130 kHz

60 mV

+2/-16 Hz