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The X-600 Modular Series is the ultimate drop-in solution for monitoring and control. Start with the X-600M™ master controller and add I/O by connecting expansion modules for a solution that is tailored to your specific application. Expansion modules include relays, digital inputs, analog inputs, thermocouples and more. This series has many powerful features and will be an ideal solution for many applications.

The X-600M is a web-enabled I/O controller that performs control, logic, and monitoring functions similar to that of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). However, unlike a PLC, the X-600M is designed for web based applications from the ground up. The X-600M can be setup, controlled, and monitored using its built-in web server and a standard web browser. The setup web pages are intuitive and easy to use and do not require special programming skills. No add-on software is required.

The X-600M functions as a powerful master controller for other ControlByWeb™ modules. Its ribbon-cable expansion bus connector allows for up to 64 expansion modules to be connected directly to the X-600M*. It can also control any of our other stand-alone ControlByWeb devices over an Ethernet network - Up to 128 devices!

Many powerful features are included in this new series; such as customizable Email notifications, scheduling, logging and graphing of logged data, custom Lua scripts, and much more.

Expansion modules for the X-600M are available for adding relays, digital inputs, thermocouples, and more.

*Power injector may be required for configurations larger than 16 modules.

Expansion Modules

Add I/O expansion modules (below) to the X-600M for a solution that is tailored to your application.

The possibilities are endless!



For more information including software screen shots, application data etc. see - Full Product information at web page

Expansion Modules

X-11s™ | Dual, High-Current Relay Expansion Module

X-12s™ | Eight-Relay Expansion Module

X-13s™ | Thermocouple Expansion Module

X-15s™ | Eight Digital Input Expansion Module

X-16s™ | Eight Analog Input Expansion Module

X-17s™ | 4 Relay, 4 Input Expansion Module

X-18s™ | 10 High-Current Relay Expansion Module

X-19s™ | 16 Relay, 16 Digital and 4 Analog Input Expansion Module

X-20s™ | 6 Relay, 6 Digital Input Expansion Module

Web Enabled I/O Controller

Model: X-600M-I

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