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Sensoray model 911 is a PCI/104-Express board that simultaneously captures four channels of analog video and four channels of stereo audio. It captures raw video frames from each channel at up to full frame rate, resulting in an aggregate frame capture rate of up to 120 fps for NTSC and 100 fps for PAL. The 911's high frame capture rate, coupled with its high performance bus interface, makes it well-suited for applications that require uncompromising capturing of multiple video sources in a compact form factor.

A 24-pin header provides convenient access to all I/O signals on the board. This enables all of the board's I/O signals to be routed through a single cable to a custom termination system or to one of Sensoray's standard breakout boards (see Accessories).

The board's PCI/104-Express connectors support both stack-up and stack-down so that the board can be located anywhere in the stack, and its full conformance to the PCI/104-Express specification guarantees that it won't mechanically interfere with adjacent boards.

All operating power is obtained from the PCI/104-Express bus; no external power supply is needed.


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4-channel A/V frame grabber with PCI pass-through connector

Model: 911 Please see below

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4-channel A/V frame grabber with PCI pass-through connector


4-channel A/V frame grabber (without PCI pass-through connector)

Termination and Breakout Boards


Termination Board, 4 S-Video In + 4 Digital I/O


Breakout (audio in and composite video in)


Breakout (composite video in)


reakout (audio in)



Cable, video