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Sensoray model 812 is an 8-channel PCI-Express frame grabber that can simultaneously capture 8 channels of NTSC/PAL video, plus optional 8 channels of mono audio. Each video channel captures at full frame rate 30 fps (for NTSC) or 25 fps (for PAL), which results in an aggregate frame rate of up to 240 fps (for NTSC) or 200 fps (for PAL). The board implements a single-lane (x1) PCI-Express interface that enables it to be plugged into any width of PCI-Express slots. All operating power is supplied from the PCI-Express bus and no external power supply is needed.

One model 812C1 cable (shown in image above) is included with model 812, which can be used to connect eight video signals or eight audio signals to the board. In applications that require both audio and video inputs, an additional 812C1 cable should be purchased separately.



Maximum Channels vs. Maximum Frame Rate

Sensoray bundles chipset supplier's drivers with Model 812 for both Linux and Windows. The Linux driver is a high performance driver that makes possible simultaneous full frame rate capture at D1 resolution from all eight input channels. The Windows driver, however, has lower performance that may require tradeoffs between the number of active channels, resolution, and frame rate.

The following table shows the Maximum Channel vs. Maximum Frame Rate that will reliably result in error-free performance on a typical reasonably-new PC/Server. In most cases these performance levels will be enhanced when using higher performance host computers.

Maximum Channels vs. maximum Frame Rate Performance

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8-Channel Frame Grabber

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Active Video Channels






1 - 8

VGA, 4SIF/4CIF, D1, or under




1 - 4

VGA, 4SIF/4CIF, D1, or under



5 - 8

QVGA, SIF, CIF, or under






8-Channel Frame Grabber


Cable, DB15-to-BNC breakout for model 812 or model 810