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Sensoray model 953-ET is a PCIe/104 full duplex audio/video codec that can simultaneously capture four analog video and four stereo audio inputs. Each of its four identical channels captures NTSC/PAL video at up to full frame rate and encodes it to H.264, MJPEG, or MPEG-4, while capturing and encoding audio to G.711 or AAC. In addition, a low-latency uncompressed video stream is available for high performance previewing on the host computer. Several stream formats are supported: MPEG-TS, MP4, AVI, and elementary. Each channel can also receive streams from the host, decode compressed streams and output the resulting analog audio/video.

The board fully conforms to the PCIe/104 specification and supports both stack-up and stack-down, allowing it to be positioned anywhere in the board stack. For added convenience, Model 953-ET-PC104 includes a PCI pass-through connector that further enhances stack-ordering options in mixed PCI/104-Express systems. All operating power is obtained from the PCIe/104 bus; no external power supply is needed.



Part Numbers

4-Channel A/V H.264 Encoder/Decoder

Model: 953-ET Please see below

Contact Us953-ET 4-Channel A/V H.264 Encoder/Decoder




4-Channel A/V H.264 Encoder/Decoder


4-Channel A/V H.264 Encoder/Decoder w/PCI Connector

Breakout Boards


24 pin Breakout (audio in and composite video in)


16 pin Breakout (audio out and composite video out)



Cable, video


Cable, 16 conductor, for 953 breakout boards