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Extend Communications Up to 9 Miles!

Any two pieces of asynchronous serial equipment can communicate at half or full duplex over two fibers at rates up to 460 kbps for RS-422/485 or 115.2 kbps for RS-232 with a pair of these converters. Fiber lines are inherently resistant to EMI/RFI and transient surges, so they are ideal for data communications near heavy electrical equipment and other electrical or radio interference.

Standards can be mixed and matched so RS-232 devices can be connected to RS-422/485 devices, replacing a converter and isolator. When working with RS-485 signals, B&B Electronics’ Automatic Send Data control eliminates the need for driver software. Serial connections are on terminal blocks; multimode fiber side has two ST connectors. Requires external power supply not included.



Ordering Information:

FOSTCDR - DIN Rail Serial to Multi-mode Fiber Converter, ST Connectors

FOSTCDRI - Premium DIN Rail Serial to Multi-mode Fiber Converter, ST Connectors

FOSTCDRi-SM - Premium DIN Rail Serial to Single-mode Fiber Optic Converter, SC Connectors

FOSTC - Serial/Fiber Converter

FOSTDRP - Fiber Optic Repeater

 Fiber optic Converters/Repeater

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